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The perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality that you are looking for is here. Shopify is a hassle-free platform that is simple, efficient and creates the right online store for your business. The various inbuilt professional templates roar out uniqueness and visually appeals to anyone and everyone. The amazing customization abilities can be easily integrated with apps allowing you to add extra features to double your business value.

We provide you the best professional Shopify-developers who are focused on making your online store a grand success! We build reliable e-commerce solutions for your business.
Cease your worries on dealing with the technicalities as we are one of the best web-developers of Shopify India and we have the right tools to make your online presence unforgettable. Right from the login process to Shopify themes and planning, we will move along with you. We are kode/on.

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custom themes

Shopify offers a varied range of themes that will define the basic look and feel of your online store. We will help you to customize the theme that suits your unique brand, and make it stand out in the web world.

mobile friendly

the number of mobile shoppers is increasing day by day and if you don’t find this as the major reason to choose Shopify we don’t know what will! The Shopify themes are mobile friendly and it can be used to avail mobile-optimized stores. Let it be iPhone, Android and whatsoever your online store will appear at every screen possible!

GST ready

the time of manual numerical operations comes to an end. Phew, right? Shopify is here to manage all the IGST, CGST, SGST invoices according to the state your customer dwells in.

customer management

your customer needs your attention 24x7. If that sounds impossible, we are here to make it possible. Your online store will appear on the most searched results as Shopify helps you to stay intact with your customers in a very efficient way round-the-clock.

social media integration

let Shopify help you to keep your social media accounts and online store in sync. The double taps and likes are going to help you earn more profit and brand diversity. Entrust in our professional Shopify developers for the dynamic face and phase of your online store.

inventory management

control, oversee and storage. This loop will now seem to be even more efficient and simple with us. From processing to shipping of your orders, Shopify puts forward the best inventory management that your online store requires.

analytics dashboard

a close observation of your store’s highs and lows will make your brand better and stronger. Shopify’s analytics dashboard gives you insight into your store’s online activities from views to engagements to transactions and what not!

mobile app

manage your online store anywhere, anytime. Now your online presence matters more than your physical presence, literally. Shopify mobile app brings you the advanced technology to view and manage your store through mobile, tablet, PC, you name it. The application can be easily downloaded via play store.


confidentiality is our number one priority. Shopify invests significant time to keep your online store and data secure by meeting all of the PCI standards keeping your customers’ information and business data secure.

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